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I had a reputation in undergrad, grad, and even in my doctorate program to be the one who always leaked the free pdfs of textbooks (sorry not sorry). I believe that access to education shouldn't have to come with a high pricetag.

That is why I made these resources available to everyone for free.

Need more help? You know where to find me.

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Find Your Funding: Grants, Sponsors, and Fundraising Basics

The worksheet was part of a virtual webinar on Finding Your Funding! It is a simple and effective tool to kickstart your funding journey. Designed to be user-friendly, it offers a structured approach to help you navigate through the initial stages of securing funds for your project or venture. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience in seeking funding, this worksheet will provide you with a basic foundation to get started on your funding journey.

Client Acquisition and Profile Builder

This guide aims to support individuals in understanding their target market and identifying effective strategies for acquiring new clients. By implementing the exercises included in the guide, individuals can gain insight into the specific needs and preferences of their potential clients, allowing them to tailor their approach and offerings accordingly. The Client Acquisition and Profile Builder serves as a comprehensive tool that helps individuals refine their client acquisition techniques and develop a strong client profile.

Foundational Data Collection Template

The Foundational Data Collection Template is a user-friendly tool designed for basic research needs. With predefined categories and fields, it simplifies the process of gathering essential information. This template functions as a checklist, ensuring that key data points are systematically collected and organized. It serves as a reliable foundation for research endeavors, promoting consistency and completeness in data collection for informed decision-making and analysis.

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