Purpose and Vision

Pro Tip: When your stakeholders are aligned with your organization's own purpose and mission, they are more likely to be intrinsically motivated to support the work you do.

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About Colton

"Social Impact is organizations experiencing sustainable growth, while empowering communities."
-Colton Nguyen, Phd
The founder

Hi all, I'm Colton Nguyen (previously known as Colton Gibbons).

I'm a published researcher, author and award-winning human rights activist based in DC. I'm dedicated to making a difference in the world, through working with individuals and organizations. With a PhD in Business Psychology and being an experienced visionary Executive Director, my work goes beyond community organizing and research. My main focus lies in creating social impact through diversity, equity, inclusivity, and a sense of belongingness.

My story

Growing up as an adoptee from Vietnam, my perspective of life has always felt different than my peers. Since being a kid, I've wanted to create a societal change for those who didn't have their own voice to advocate. Showing up authentically has always been my life's mantra. I believe in finding ways to give back and empower others. After finishing my Masters at Georgetown University, I founded my first 501c3 nonprofit. Immediately after completing my PhD, I started to publish articles to further gender-diversity and my proposed theoretical framework that holds leaders to a greater standard to improve society for us all: Social Strategy Leadership.

As a result, this consulting firm was created to provide others an opportunity to work with real change leaders to improve their organization and the world together.

International Business Experience

Purpose without borders

Through vast experience working with populations from all across the world, I bring a holistic business psychology lens to create innovative solutions.


Dollars Raised

I have worked with organizations to secure year after year funding from diverse sources. Together we can build strategic plans to result in your organization's growth.


Key industries

I have specialist experience in a variety of industries all centering on the key element of: Organizational Performance Efficiency.

Areas of Passion

Qualitative Research

Through data-collection tools such as: semi-structured interviews, focus groups, transcription and coding use, qualitative research is a foundation to how I keep all stakeholders informed of the change process.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

From extensive experience in curriculum design, workshop building, policy and plan implementation, working within the DEIB industry has been a consistent project as well as an area of passion.

Human Capital Management

Effective HCM includes recruiting and selecting the right talent, providing comprehensive training and development programs, and implementing performance management systems. By investing in human capital, organizations can enhance employee engagement, productivity, and overall performance, ultimately driving business growth and success.

Organizational Transformational Change & Interventions

With dedicated comprehensive assessments, stakeholder feedback, and deep dives into market research, I work with organizations to create successful sustainable futures.

Transgender and LGBTQ+ Rights

Nominated as Rising Activist of the DMV in 2022, Advocating for Trans Athletes on America Ninja Warrior and more, I have fought for Gender-Diversity and LGBTQ+ rights through contributing to academic research and other systemic change efforts.

Nonprofits and Social Impact

Through founding a 501c3 nonprofit from the ground up, holding positions as Executive Director, Vice President of Corporate Partnerships, and Senior Director, I have vast experience with understanding the needs of adaptability and mission-driven work.

Why choose my firm?

I believe in nurturing organizational growth from a mindset of collaboration, analysis-focused and human-inspired. Together, we will strategize and implement organizational plans that feel right for you.

Global experience

I have worked with multinational companies, as well as smaller businesses from all continents. From El Salvador, New Zealand, Barcelona and more, I have experience with working with intersectional communities all over the world.

Award-Winning Projects

With experience in activism, advocacy, publishing and research, I will implement my experience to empower all of your goals.

Collaboration & Feedback

Each project we work on is tailored to the particular client's exact needs, not the other way around.

High Quality and Ethics

Your organizational growth is my priority, meaning that I only deliver work that we both can be proud of.

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